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But in reality, they may provide a platform for a rallying cry for opposition groups or usher in a weak government that aggravates economic unrest. That's just the tip of the iceberg: we've got many more leads to chase down. Find out more and support our work here.

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Jordan’s year-long vote for regime or revolt

Share on Facebook. Share via email. Taylor points to those examples, as well. He points to slave uprisings and the radical, anti-slavery abolitionist movement in the United States during the 19th century as an example of how change can happen by seizing on these moments.

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It's changed because, historically, those struggles that are unleashed show the world that it's unsustainable. Ciccariello-Maher views rebellion as a potential stepping-stone to revolution, a concept fraught with debated meanings and different ideas.

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While there are many ideas about what revolution could mean, a larger question presents itself when the possibility is considered: Is it even feasible? While resistance and rebellion are ways to address the flaws in societal systems, revolution is often thought of as a wholesale rejection of it. Historical examples — many of which resulted in deaths — indicate that revolution understood as violent overthrow puts human life at risk.

Ciccariello-Maher says that revolution does not necessarily have to mean violence; quite the contrary, he says, violence can serve no purpose in complex revolutionary work that is less about overthrowing a ruling party and more about having long-term impacts on social structures beyond the government. But he says models like Russia in and Cuba in were misleading for would-be revolutionaries in Western Europe and other parts of Latin America.

Taylor agrees, telling Teen Vogue that it is not enough simply to feel revolutionary energy to create a massive upheaval. She points to the way the black civil rights movement of the s awakened a revolutionary consciousness that never fully coalesced.

Jordan’s year-long vote for regime or revolt | openDemocracy

Just because we might think it should happen, doesn't mean that it will. David Walliams.

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  • Jordan’s year-long vote for regime or revolt | openDemocracy.

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